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Family Medicine Residency Program


 In the words of our residents, these are the most common questions - and their answers:

Clinical experience and call schedule

Q:  What is CFM Clinic like?
A:   The attendings are helpful.  Everyone works together to care for the patient.  It's a good teaching environment. 

Q:  Do you have a good clinical experience?
A:  Yes, as 1st years we are in clinic ½ day a week and see a variety of patients. 

Q:  What is the clinic population?
A:  We have a young population ~30% Pediatrics, ½ Medicaid/Medicare and ½ private pay.

Q: What is the OB experience like?
A:  We have two months of OB with OB housestaff.  It includes attendance at their conferences.  You feel a part of that team.  You have good supervision of deliveries and are shown a great deal of patience in helping learn how to sew/repair lacerations.  

We have our own group of continuity OB patients that we follow through pregnancy and perform deliveries.  

Q:  Do you have time for family?
A:  Yes, I have adequate time for family especially during second/third year when call is less frequent.  

Q: Does the smallness of the program cause problems?
A: The smallness (four residents per year) has not caused any problems for me.  It makes the residency much more family like.  There is no extra work because of it.

Team atmosphere

Q: How do the residents get along with each other?
A: We get along very well.  There is a good team atmosphere.  A lot of effort is made early in the program for us to get to know each other.  That carries through the entire three years. 

Q:  Do family medicine residents get along with other residents?
A:  Yes, we rotate on their services and help them with their work.  OB’s rotate on our service.  I have found that working with the other programs they make me feel important and part of the team.  

Q: This program is opposed, how is that?
A: There are 3 other residencies at NHRMC.  I don't feel "opposed" with any of them.  In fact, I feel that the relationships are very cooperative.  I have felt a lot of support from the residents from the other program and it has not diminished my educational opportunities.

Q:  How do attendings and residents interact?
A: Attendings are very approachable.  We all get along well. 

It is an extremely collaborative environment.  We get a chance to know the attendings really well.  Working together helps to build strong relationships.  When I am on other services, I have felt like one of the team.  


Q:  What about Wilmington?
A:   Wilmington is great place, good place to raise family.  There are wide and varied opportunities for sports, especially water sports. 

Q: What about the churches in the area?
A:  Many churches, all denominations.

Q:  Do you like living in Wilmington?
A:  Yes, I love the beach and the riverfront downtown.  Lots to offer.

Q: What is life like to live in Wilmington?  
A:  There is a relatively young population.  There are a number of cultural activities, festivals, sporting events, and restaurants.  We are a reasonable distance from Myrtle Beach as well as the RBC Center in Raleigh where there are a lot of cultural opportunities.  

Q: Why did you choose Wilmington?
A: The people, CFM feels like a big family.

Q: What is there to do in Wilmington?
A:  Always something going on at the beach, music in clubs downtown, festivals, i.e. Seafood, Blues, and Jazz Riverfest and shopping.  


Q:  What do you like the most about the residency program? 
A:  I like the academic quality in overall teaching and learning experience without the academic center “attitude”.   The faculty is very supportive and is concerned about residents not only as residents, but also as people.  Attendings in other programs are very approachable and not intimidating, they value the opinion and input of residents. 

Q: If you had to do the match over again, would you still come here?
A:  Absolutely, I have been very happy here. 

2131 S. 17th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401  |  910.343.7000